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Loading ramps

Mobile ramps and warehouse ramps for loading trucks and containers with a forklift.

Efficient solutions for loading goods and equipment in the logistics, trade and industrial, agricultural spheres.
Loading ramp

Mobile loading ramp

Mobile loading ramp WENRON-ST is used in the warehouses of trading and logistics companies for unloading/loading trucks by forklift.

Loading ramps

Fixed forklift ramp

Forklift ramp is one of the most common solutions in warehouse logistics.

Warehouse ramp as per customer order

Our company can manufacture loading ramps of non-standard dimensions upon any client's request.



Timely delivery


Our company is a manufacturer of warehouse equipment WENRON and specializes in development of mobile loading ramps for trucks and fixed forklift ramps.

Mobile loading ramp is used for quick and safe unloading of trucks and containers. Mobile ramp is easily transported through the warehouse with a forklift.

Forklift dock ramp is fixed to the edge of the dock gate, providing direct access of the forklift from the yard to the warehouse.

Loading capacity of standard mobile loading ramp models and types of fixed warehouse ramps are 5, 7 and 10 tons. Upon individual client request, we can manufacture a warehouse ramp as per customer order.

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