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Forklift ramp is one of the most common solutions in warehouse logistics.

The warehouse ramp is designed to improve the goods flow and work of warehouses, making the loading/unloading processes uninterrupted and efficient.

Forklift loading ramp is fixed to the edge of the dock gate, providing direct access of the forklift from the street to the warehouse and vice versa.

The main advantages of forklift dock ramp WENRON-FX are:

  • constant work. Provides permanent access between the yard and the warehouse.
  • safety. The steel structure with support rods makes the ramp as strong and reliable as possible.
  • durability.

Technical specifications of the WENRON-FX fixed loading ramp models:

  FX5 FX7 FX10
Type fixed fixed fixed
Loading capacity, kg 5 000 7 000 10 000
Length, mm 7 000 7 000 9 000
Useful width, mm 1 600 2 000 2 000
Height, mm 1 200 1 200 1 200
Material steel steel steel


Fastened with bolts, weight is distributed over several points of support.

Side fences with a height of 12 cm and a width of 10 cm provide absolutely safe movement of the forklift or other oversized equipment.

Galvanized anti-slip grating provides excellent grip of loading machinery wheels to the surface and prevents the accumulation of snow, water or debris.

An alternative to a fixed warehouse ramp is mobile ramp WENRON-ST.

In addition, our design department is always ready to fulfill the order for a non-standard loading ramp according to the individual parameters that are needed to our customer.

The price of fixed ramp depends on the chosen model. To buy fixed ramp or get free consultation - contact our sales department by phone +421 233 221 260 or email info@wenron.com

Delivery time: 30 calendar days.

Guarantee – 12 months.


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