Loading color scheme

Special warehouse ramps

Our company can manufacture loading ramps of non-standard dimensions upon any client's request.

The standard models of WENRON warehouse ramp are the most versatile and suitable for most of the tasks arisen in the process of loading and unloading goods. However, sometimes an individual solution for the efficient operations of the warehouse is required.

Besides basic models of mobile ramps, we are always ready to fulfill an order according to the individual parameters, needed to our customer.

The maximum load of basic mobile ramps models and of fixed loading ramps is 10 tons. If it is expected that the total weight of the forklift and cargo will exceed the specified parameters, we can manufacture a loading ramp with a reinforced structure that will be able to withstand a load of up to 30 tons and even more.

Standard mobile loading ramps and fixed dock ramps are designed for forklifts and have a width of 1600-2000 mm. If you plan to use more dimensional equipment, we will produce a wider loading ramp.

Technical specifications of the warehouse ramps WENRON -SP:


  • loading capacity – up to 50 tons;
  • total length – up to 20 meters;
  • useful width – up to 4 meters;
  • height – up to 1700 mm;
  • height adjustment - manual / electric
  • material – steel 

Also, upon client's request warehouse ramp can be equipped with additional options.

Additional options for loading ramp

Supporting legs

Supporting legs for more safety and stability in case the truck rolls away during unloading.


Removable hand railings are used for the safe movement of your staff  on the surface of the ramp.


The canopy over the surface of the platform allows you to use the ramp throughout the year in any weather.

Three-side loading ramp

The opportunity to unload goods from three trucks or containers at the same time.

Additional pair of wheels

The extra pair of wheels is used when unloading occurs on sandy or unpaved terrain.

Electric height adjustment

The height of ramp can be regulated with electricity. It is convenient and helps to save time during unloading goods.

Anti-slip galvanized grating

It is strong and durable metal grating that provides maximum traction.

Color selection

Standard ramp color is black, but customers can choose another color for the ramp if they wish.

The price of a mobile ramp depends on the chosen model and an availability of additional options. To buy mobile yard ramp or get free consultation - contact our sales department by phone +421 233 006 533