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Mobile loading ramp

Mobile loading ramp

Mobile loading ramp is used in the warehouses for unloading/loading trucks and containers by forklift.

Mobile ramp allows to perform quick and reliable loading operations with a minimum of staff usage.

The main advantages of mobile yard ramp WENRON are:

  • speed of loading works. Mobile ramp for unloading trucks allows a several times reduced time of loading goods from a semi-trailer truck.
  • labour and financial resources saving. To carry out unloading and loading operations there is no need to involve an entire work team anymore- using a mobile ramp, the participation of only one worker is needed.
  • safety. The usage and proper portable loading ramp exploitation, minimizes risks of any loading operations.

Our company, a manufacturer of loading ramps, offers several basic models of mobile loading ramps. We designed them basing on the needs and requests of almost  70% of our customers. That is why these models are universal solution for most companies.

Technical specifications of the mobile loading ramp WENRON models:

Technical scheme of WENRON mobile loading ramp

  ST-5 ST-7 ST-10 ST-15 ST-20
Type mobile mobile mobile mobile mobile
Loading capacity, kg 5 000 7 000 10 000 15 000 20 000
Length of inclined part, mm 7 000 7 000 9 000 9 000 9 000
Length of horizontal part, mm 2 000 2 000 3 000 3 000 3 000
Overall length, mm 9 000 9 000 12 000 12 000 12 000
Useful width, mm 1 600  2 000   2 000    2 300 2 500
Operating height, mm 900-1650 900-1650 900-1650 900-1650 900-1650
Hydraulics manual manual manual manual manual
Material steel steel steel steel steel


Besides basic models of mobile forklift ramps, we are always ready to fulfill an order according to the individual parameters, needed to our customer.

Basic configuration of mobile ramp for containers / trucks

Mobile yard ramp

Manual hydraulic pump adjusts height from 90 to 165 cm. With the help of a manual hydraulic pump, the mobile ramp rises to the working height and then its part lays to the edge of the truck or container. After the ramp is additionally fixed to the truck with a chain and a hook. In this position, the mobile ramp is ready for operation.

Side fence has a height of 11 cm and a width of 10 cm, provide safe movement of the forklift. And safety chains securely fix the ramp to the truck.

The levelling horizontal part allows forklift to drive into a semi-trailer with straight forks.

Galvanized grating surface ensures good adhesion of wheels to surface, which gives an opportunity to use the ramp in all weather conditions. Moreover, it protects metal of destructive processes formation.

Presence of wheels pair allows you to move the ramp around the warehouse with a forklift. There is a special tow pole, which may be connected to a forklift allowing ramp being easily transported around the warehouse.

Also, at client's request mobile loading ramp can be equipped with additional options.

Additional options for mobile loading ramp 

  • Supporting legs
  • Railings
  • Electric height adjustment
  • Tent
  • Additional pair of wheels
  • Anti-slip galvanized grating

The price of a mobile ramp depends on the chosen model and an availability of additional options. To buy mobile yard ramp or get free consultation - contact our sales department by phone +421 233 006 533

Delivery time: 30 calendar days.

Warranty – 18 months.

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